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Who are Trident?

Trident are a team of professionals with a unique spectrum of property experience in the Lincolnshire area ranging from Estate Agency, Lettings, Energy Assessment and even background in Trades. This wealth of knowledge, combined with a familiarity with local markets, enables us to identify key investment opportunities within the property market and assess them for potential threats. We also possess strong links within other sector industries which facilitates the creation of bespoke packages to assist any client regardless of needs, budget, or experience levels in finding the right opportunity for them.

Why invest in property?

Property has always been a strong form of investment, offering brilliant returns and general appreciation when market conditions are favourable. Even in more challenging times letting a property can provide a steady personal income and a passive return. More than this is provides at opportunity to create and maintain a home during a time of vast housing demand.

How can Trident assist with this?

While property investment can be lucrative on paper, there are often pitfalls or threats to investors that can end up undermining the investment opportunity or costing large sums of money to return the property to a feasible opportunity.

This might occur through an over valuation of the property on purchase, a lacking knowledge of the local areas and rental markets, an incorrect assessment of remedial needs or costs or even just general difficulties with the purchase process.

Trident is well positioned to identify opportunities for a range of clients with differing abilities, experience levels and needs and can break down the figures, costs, and any potential risks. Likewise, we can offer the advice and contact with the right people and organisations to help smooth the process from start to finish.

Trident Property Consultancy
  • Free advice on the local market and the ways in which investment could work for you.
  • Understanding your needs and objectives as a potential investor and structuring a service plan around what you want.
  • Searching the market to find the properties that most suit your circumstances and providing insight and analytical projections on each opportunity.
  • Remote viewings and tours if you can’t be in the area or an accompanied viewing if you can.
  • Advice on costings from purchase of the property all the way through to renovation or remedial work.
  • Intermediary services between yourself and any concerned party including sales progression and negotiating.
  • Step by step advice, assistance and support which includes links and introductions to our local business partners to everything from finance, conveyancing, trades and surveying.

What is Property ‘Sourcing’ and is that what Trident do?

Property sourcing describes companies or individuals that go out to locate investment deals on the property market for clients or individuals that might be looking to invest money in property.

While this forms part of what we do, our Property Prospecting service has some key differences in our business model.

Many property sourcers will go out onto the market and look for deals independently from any client and will simply offer on properties without direct financial backing until they find a vendor motivated to sell at a low amount.

They will then seek to effectively ‘sell’ this deal onto an investor for a substantial finder’s fee.

Trident Property Consultancy

At this stage however the sourcer is incentivised to move this deal on regardless of how well suited that property is to the investor as this is how they generate their income. This kind of uncertain approach is hugely open to pitfalls and often frustrates local agents and sellers, no longer enabling these individuals to form strong relationships.

Alternatively, our approach is focused on exactly what our client is looking for. We do not pre-source deals but do have a strong understanding of the local market. We work fairly with local agents to ensure they are receptive to our needs and will only approach a property if it works for you as a client and fits well within your budget. Rather than charging any large lump sums, we also break our services and advice down into small sections, billed separately, with total cost often less than a third of what some sourcing deals may cost buyers.

Crucially we also work with you to help you form a total and complete understanding of what is required from you as a landlord and from the process generally. Although we do all we can from start to finish to make the process as straight forward as possible, it is often not a journey that can be totally free of stress or extensive cost. However, our services are designed to give you full warning and assist you with all of the challenges you may face.

What and when do Trident charge for their services and how many services are required?

The process of locating and purchasing the right house for investment can often be a lengthy one as its important to find the right opportunity at the right time. Multiple elements must often align to create the correct circumstances and therefore the property journey is comprised of several stages.

To help you understand we have provided a journey guide and a standard break down of our services and charges on the following pages.

Your Property Investment Journey

What do you need?

The first step of the journey is forming an idea of what you want and need from property investment. This is achieved with a no fee, no obligation consultation that helps us understand your position. At this stage we also build up a picture of your financial circumstances and can place you in contact with out trusted finance business partners to explore relevant lending options.

We also help you form an understanding of our local property market and investment in general based on your current level of experience.

Property Prospecting

Prospecting is the part of the journey where we begin to explore potential properties that fit your investment criteria and provide crucial opportunity analysis. This is where we look for costs, yields, returns and even project values for sales and rent.

We can even help you view the properties you are most interested in, providing important first-hand evaluations.

Purchase Progression

Once you’ve been able to make an informed decision on which investment opportunity suits you best – we can then step in an assist with tying up the deal by negotiating on your behalf with the selling agent.

Once we have a arrangement subject to contract, we then follow the legal conveyancing process every step of the way in partnership with our advised solicitors. This enables us to guide you through the process and keep you well informed as the purchase proceeds.

Property Preparation

Once your purchase has been successfully completed, Trident can then assist in costing and project management with a full scheme refurbishment or renovation to get your investment prepared for market and fully compliant. This can be achieved for projects both big and small thanks to trusted relationships with various tradespeople and professionals.

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