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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

There are many and varied reasons why you may decide to place your property on the rental market.

You may have an empty property that don’t want to part with for a long period of time, you may have to relocate and don’t want the cost of maintaining two properties or you may even be attracted to the potential income that responsible property letting can generate.

Whatever the initial motivation, letting a property can create a home for a tenant or tenants where there would not have ordinarily been one and can provide a healthy income and return from any initial cost or investment, ensuring that you make an asset work for you as much as you work for it.

Letting a property can be a difficult and challenging task with vast amounts of legislation to adhere to and minimum standards to ensure you are meeting.

Prospective tenants are rightfully entitled to a good standard of property and have several rights enshrined in law. It is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that all these standards are met, the property and its facilities are carefully maintained and all of your legal obligations as a landlord are understood.

For this reason, many landlords chose to employ the services of a Letting Agent to support them fully in this process, locate an appropriate tenant and essentially become the point of contact for any issue while ensuring all due diligence is met.

The services that agents can provide can differ between agencies and many offer multiple packages depending on the level of support you may require as a landlord.

Most agents offer what is commonly referred to as a ‘managed’ or ‘fully managed’ package. This involves everything from advertising a property, finding an appropriate tenant and arranging all the necessary tenancy details all the way through to being the constant point of contact for both landlord and tenant as the arrangement continues over the months and years to come.

This can include processing or chasing rent payments, assisting the tenant with any maintenance concern or problem, regularly inspecting the property over an agreed period and advising both sides on proper practice as the tenancy progresses.

As a letting agent, Trademark Property Management  offer all the usual staples of a letting agency service but tailored to a landlord’s specific needs and requirements.

Our practices are tempered by decades of combined lettings and estate agency experience, and to that end we prefer a hands-on approach to communication and management, carefully guiding both tenant and landlord through the process with personal care and attention.

We have extensive experience with local property markets, tenancy application processes and the ever-changing legislation that enables us to ensure we are always doing the best for you and your tenants wherever possible.

We work solely with clients who prefer a responsible and considered approach to property letting, and we do not actively advertise our services, meaning that we can always maintain a manageable portfolio and a high standard of service.

Finding the right tenant for the right property is often one of the most crucial question any prospective landlord may think to ask and protecting their asset is rightfully at the top of any priority list.

In busy markets, each property may have several potential applicants, all in different stages of their life with a myriad of differing circumstances to consider.

Although the selection process may never be an exact science, and no tenant should every be discriminated against on any grounds, there are processes that allows both agent and landlord to explore each set of circumstances in careful detail both ensuring honesty and transparency while enabling you as Landlord to make the most informed decision, guided by our own experience.

In Trademark’s case, this includes a 3-stage process. Designed to be fast and efficient, while negating any cost for open and honest applicants, it enables us to get a crucial snapshot of a prospective tenant. These steps include:

  • A detailed electronic identity that includes ‘Right to Rent’ status and confirms eligibility to rent.
  • A referencing check that establishes rental history as well as current employment status.
  • A credit check that helps to establish affordability while seeking to outline any underlying credit or financial problems that may make affordability challenging for a prospective tenant.

Once a prospective tenant has completed the checks, you as landlord have the final say, with support and guidance from ourselves as agent.

If you are on a fully managed service? Absolutely nothing. Once the tenant has moved in, all you need do is look for your rent coming into your account each month.

We may contact you from time to time with a general update, a maintenance query or a general concern but ultimately, we will handle any issue, gather any quotes and process any payments to contractors out of your rental funds with only your consent required from time to time.

We will also ensure that the property remains legally compliant with all the correct paperwork and certification in place as and when it needs to be.

For a fully managed service many agent’s costs can vary wildly but we prefer a simplistic and transparent pricing plan tailored to your needs.

Usually there is one larger payment at the beginning of the tenancy to cover the cost of advertising, referencing and the creation of the tenancy although this is always agreed before the beginning of the process and will never change.

After that there is an ongoing month to month fee (normally 10% of the monthly rent +VAT) that covers the ongoing management. All these costs are deducted automatically from the rent each month with invoices issued on requirement.

This way there are no payments to make manually; another way in which hassle in minimised.

In order to discuss further if property letting may be for you and how to get started OR if you have a property that may be perfect for letting and requires a no fee, no obligation valuation, contact us directly by:

Phone: 01472 731539


Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions